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Spinnaker Poles, Prods & Sleeves


Many Spinnaker Poles are produced on parallel mandrels from 30mm to 135mm diameter and up to five meters long, We have a number of special mandrels that are tapered for part of their length, allowing Spinnaker Poles to be made in two sections, joined with an internal spigot tube to produce poles that are tapered at each end.  These look very smart, they are lighter than parallel poles and the smaller end diameters make it easier to attach end fittings.

Prods are supplied in the same size range and are often made on the mandrels with tapered ends described above.  Matching launch tubes can be supplied if required, making installation fast and simple.

More details on mandrel sizes.

Please detail your needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.

Some of our spinnaker pole specifications are proprietary, having been developed in partnership with leading international spar makers. We are able to arrange the supply of fully rigged poles through these associations, but new inquiries from one-design classes contemplating the use of composite spars, or builders of one-off designs are welcome and will benefit from the combination of in-house expertise and manufacturing experience that we can provide.