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Brazil Rafting Team Rescue

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Brazil Rafting Team Rescued

A desperate Brazilian rafting Team called into Kilwell Fibretube's Rotorua factory two days before the start of the 2013 World Championship competition to be held on three Bay of Plenty rivers.  Their expensive American paddles were breaking at an alarming rate - seven broken shafts in just the last week - the team had lost confidence in their equipment and couldn't apply full power to their strokes.  With competition between the teams being very close this was going to destroy any chance they had of being competitive in the racing despite being highly favoured to win.

Kilwell's expertise and experience made short work of creating custom designed shafts for the team and samples were produced by the next morning.  The team were delighted with these so a full set of shafts (plus spares that were not required) was produced and the paddles rebuilt in time for the racing.   Competition was fierce but the Brazilian team edged out Japan in the last race to take the Gold Medal and World Title, yet another Kilwell Fibretube involvement at the highest level of competitive sports including dinghy and open water ocean racing, rowing, hanggliding, kayaking and rafting.