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On The Water


From entry level to Olympic classes, America's Cup, Round the World racers and luxury yachts, Kilwell composite tubes fulfil a multitude of uses.  Our appointment as exclusive supplier of Olympic class 49ER and Elliott 6 masts and numerous other classes worldwide is a testament to the depth of our mast tube design and manufacturing expertise. This expertise extends to Booms, Prods Spinnaker Poles, Tillers, Tiller Extensions, Stanchions, Rack Tubes, and various other structural applications.

Detailed information on our range of Masts, Booms and Spinnaker Poles can be found in the Marine section of our site.


Kilwell Fibretube oar blanks and handles featured at the Olympics under the CROKER label. They are easy to spot as all Croker oars feature unique bright pink collars. Kilwell Fibretube manufacture sculling, rowing, and surf oars exclusively for Croker Oars Ltd.


Kilwell export Kayak paddle shafts worldwide and our range of materials and sizes covers all levels of the sport.  Our range of standard shafts is extensive but we can develop specific specifications for customers if required.  Shafts for canoes and stand-up paddles are also produced.

Please detail your Paddle Shaft needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.