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Parallel Sizes

Our extensive range of parallel mandrel diameters and the maximum length of each size is detailed in the Parallel Mandrel List.  New sizes can be made or existing sizes can be extended to 5200mm maximum length with very low tooling costs if required.

View Parallel Mandrel List here.

Oval Sizes

Our Oval mandrel sizes are below, suitable for producing yacht booms, handrails or other items suited to an oval cross section.

  Model Dim. A Dim. B Length
 OV32/18  32   18 2500 
 OV69/30  69  30  1200
 OV75/35  75  35  1900
 OV100/50  100  50  3900
 OV125/95  125  95  5000
 OV125/100  125  100  3000


Mast Tube Sizes

Our preferred mast base inside diameters are:  40.0mm, 46.0mm, 50.8mm, 56.0mm, 60.3mm, 66.7mm, 70.0mm, 76.2mm, 82.5mm, 85mm and 95mm.  All of these mandrels are at least 5000mm long.

We have tapered mast tip mandrels to suit the above diameters plus offset joining spigots to join base and tip tubes with the finished mast having a straight edge to carry the sail track.  Other sizes can be designed on request but there may be a tooling cost involved. 

Spinnaker and Prod Mandrels

Spinnaker Poles and Prods are often made on parallel mandrels but we have a number of special mandrels with tapered ends as shown below.  Prods made on these mandrels are one-piece with the tapered end saving weight and looking neater than  parallel tubes. Spinnaker poles made on these mandrels are two-piece, joined in the centre to make 'double ended'  poles.

Sizes of the special spinnaker pole mandrels are below, and smaller double-ended poles can also be made using other tapered mandrels in our range.

Spinnaker Mandels

Model Dim. A
Dim B
Dim. C 
 Dim. E
SPIN66 63.5 48.6 2000 2050 4050
SPIN68 68.5 52.4 2200 1550 3750
SPIN89 89.0 65.0 2600 2000 4600
SPIN92 92.0 44.0 500 4500 5100
SPIN100 100.0 54.8 3300 1700 5000
SPIN135 135.0 72.0 2790 2410 4940

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