Fibretube Products

Custom design expertise supported by an extensive range of materials and tooling mean we can create elegant solutions for design challenge. Close liaison from concept to production ensures the best possible combination of strength, stiffness, and weight for your application.

Precision grinding, sanding, painting and machining operations are carried out on our premises or can be arranged with outside composite machining specialists.

Current applications include fishing rods, dinghy and yacht masts, spinnaker poles, stanchions, stern tubes and sundry marine tubing, kayak paddle shafts, sailboard masts, model and unmanned aircraft, hang gliders, spars, rowing oars, aerials, plus more.

A number of our specific laminate designs are proprietary, having been developed in partnership with our customers using shared intellectual property. Although we are unable to supply these products to other customers, Kilwell Fibretube has amassed a huge library of our own specifications. This covers almost all the tubing applications that we produce and specialise in developing new concepts with our customers.

Mast Rigging
Sport & Recreation