Composite Tubing for Sports and Industry

With over 40 years of fibreglass and carbon fibre composite tubing design and manufacturing experience, Kilwell Fibretube services a broad spectrum of sporting, marine and industrial composite tubing markets worldwide.  More than 75% of our production is exported.

Fishing rod blanks, paddle shafts, rowing oar shafts, masts, booms, prods and spinnaker poles, stern
tubes, outriggers, earthsticks, and telescopic pole sets are some examples of the myriad of applications using Kilwell Fibretube products.

Custom design expertise supported by an extensive range of materials and tooling results in elegant solutions to your design challenges. Close liaison from concept to production ensures the best possible combination of strength, stiffness and weight for your application is always achieved and we manufacture from one-off to high volume production runs.

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